Each of the areas we are addressing in this study will be focused on for the week and will be approached in the spirit of a fast.  As our group has read the past week in preparation, “If our abundance and consumerism is part of the problem, maybe we should fast from it”.  In preparation we read the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew.

16 “Whenever you fast, don’t be sad-faced like the hypocrites. For they make their faces unattractive so their fasting is obvious to people. I assure you: They’ve got their reward! 17 But when you fast, put oil on your head, and wash your face, 18 so that you don’t show your fasting to people but to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
–Matthew 6:16-18

With the reminder that we are fasting to allow God to come into the empty spaces and speak anew to us, we jump in.

Week one of our study starts off with a bang.  Food.  The scope of this particular area is great.  In her original experiment the author of our study, Jen Hatmaker, reduced her food choices for an entire month down to seven options:  chicken, whole wheat bread, avocados, sweet potatoes, spinach, apples, & eggs.   Our group is jumping in with varying goals.  I have decided to limit my food choices to 7…ish for the week.  Avocado’s do not sit well with my stomach, so that seventh option is on a rotating basis.  Others have decided to cut out sugars or certain processed foods.  One of our members has a house-full of visitors coming for 4 days, and the prospect of offering them chicken and sweet potatoes for those 4 days is not at all appealing.  We’re giving her a free pass for the week!

Goodbye coffee….it’s only temporary, we’ll meet again soon.  So long Diet Coke…we may be on a permanent break!


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