lunchI left our study after discussing the next week of focusing on food and headed home to make lunch.  Eggs, toast, sliced apples, and water were on the menu.  I automatically grabbed my plate and headed to the living room to switch on the TV when I caught myself. No, go sit at the table and take time to slow down and enjoy the food.  I have a very bad habit of rushing through my meals.  It’s not out of necessity; it’s become habit.  I sat down at my kitchen table, turned on some quite cello music, gave thanks, and ate….slowly.  Taking time to enjoy the taste of the food I was eating and spending the time just talking with God was a welcome change.  I lingered over that meal.  What would have normally taken me 5 minutes was stretched out to 25 minutes.

During that time I looked out at the soggy backyard and the play fort that my daughter and her friends enjoy playing on and I was struck with this thought.  How many other things in my life am I just rushing through?  Time goes by quickly enough.  It wasn’t that long ago my son was out on that fort.  Now he’s 15, in high school, and spending more and more time with his friends and peers.  Will it seem like just an instant and then my daughter will be too big to play in the sandbox and slide down the slide?  When I get to hurrying through life trying to check off my “to-do” list so much that I miss out on those precious fleeting moments.  They will soon be gone for good.  I don’t want to miss them.

So as I savor my simple lunch I ask God to help me savor the moments that matter, and to cherish each one.


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