Spoiled Rotten

I read a report recently on CNN.com that forty percent of the food in the United Sates is never eaten.  It amounts to $165 billion a year in waste.  It broke down to $1,350 to $2,275 annually in waste for a family of four.  This is the country we live in.  All of this while 963 million people across the world are hungry.  The contrast is jarring.

For my family most of what is wasted is due to poor planning.  Buying items and then not using them before they go bad.  Not planning ahead to thaw out meat and taking the easy route and eating out.  If I would take the time to plan out my meals we could save a lot in the way of waste and money.  It’s a small step, but a much needed one.

Amy and Amber, my friends at Camp Mommawatchi (www.campmommawatchi.com) have posted a wonderful idea for a DIY menu board.  Check it out, and perhaps it will get you started on the way to better planning

DIY Menu Board

I know for me and my family, we can not continue as before.  The waste (of time, food, and money) is simply not worth it.


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