Happiness is a warm hoodie!

Week 2 of The 7 Experiment brought us to clothing.  Face it; our closets are full.  If you are like me there are a whole host of clothing items hiding out in there that do nothing but remind me of a different place, a different time, a different SIZE!  Sitting on the shelf just mocking me!  For this week I chose 7 articles of clothing to wear for the week.  Undergarments and 1 pair of PJ’s were freebies.  Here’s what made the cut:


  1. University of Illinois hoodie (my go-to comfy shirt)
  2. Dark wash jeans
  3. Not so dark washed jeans
  4. long sleeve black t-shirt
  5. Teal short sleeved sweater (can go over the black tee)
  6. Gray sweater
  7. Shoes (1 pair of Nike’s, 1 pair black slip on)

And there you have it.  The sweater and t-shirt combos for work and church, and the hoodie and casual jeans for everything else.  In addition to my laundry for the week being minimal, I never had to stress over what to wear.  That had already been decided.  And here’s what I discovered at the end of the week…..No one cared!  Most people didn’t even notice.  I’m glad that I do have a few more than 7 options now, but the stress, money, and time that goes into clothes just didn’t seem to be worth it.  Lesson learned!


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