Your cookware is subpar…

I have the priviledge this weekend of speaking to a wonderful group of women in Indiana at the Transformed conference.  We’ll be discussing just a little of what my bible study gals and I have been learning these past weeks.  How do we go against a consumer-driven culture and live out God’s true plan for our lives.  The Bible is full of scripture on how we should treat the poor and opressed.  I have really been looking forward to this time.

infomercialAs I was getting ready this morning I flipped on the TV to the Food Network.  It was early so they were showing an informercial for some cookware.  I found it ironic that I was hearing the exact opposite of the very point that I wanted to make later that day.  This new cookware…it’s fabulous, it will change the way you THINK about cooking, it will make cooking FUN!  All the hyperbole that I’ve come to expect from advertising.  If cooking is going to become fun, I don’t think it’s the pan that is going to do it!

We can easily be sucked into the trap of thinking we need something a little better, a little newer, and a little shinier that what we have.  Advertisers will have a zillion ways to try to make you part with your money.  Here’s to hoping that we begin to see through the smoke and mirrors just a little better.

Happy Weekend to everyone & if you’re reading this and you are at Transformed….You’re Fabulous and it’s a blessing to share the weekend with you!


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