A new approach

There are so many things that I would have like to shared at the Transformed Conference this past weekend.  There just was not enough time.  In each of my sessions I had to skip over the following photo.


Here’s the story that went along with the photo that I didn’t get to share with the ladies.

Yes, you heard that right.  I did not buy my kids anything for Valentine’s Day.  “How terrible” you might be thinking.  The bible study I’m currently in the middle of has really been challenging the way I look at a lot of areas of life.  One of them being just the vast excess we have in our country and our lives and how we casually spend money.  So to challenge my kids to think about ways to show love to others we did something totally out of the norm this year.  On Monday I gave Aaron & Rachel each $10, told them they couldn’t spend it on anyone in the family.  I didn’t tell them what to do with it, but wanted them to think about how to bless someone else.  I had a few suggestions ready for them however if they needed a little help.  So for this Valentine’s Day we started out with our traditional heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  Then we loaded up and headed to Wal-mart.  Aaron & Rachel decided to spend their money on donations for two worthwhile organizations.  They bought baby supplies that we will donate to Lifecenters Indiana.

And we also bought household supplies that will be donated to Exodus Refugee services.  I recently learned that Indianapolis is home to one of the largest settlements of Burmese refugees in the nation.  Exodus sets up 5-10 apartments a week for incoming refugees.  They also help with transportation, English classes, job placement, and cultural acclimation among other things.
Take these purchases along with 2 clearance hats for our Operation Christmas Child boxes and this is what their $20 bought.
Now lest you think my kids were somehow deprived, they received gifts from both sets of grandparents and come home from school with candy.  What we lost was another round of candy to add to the pile.  What we gained was an evening spent together thinking about how we can use the vast amount of resources that God has somehow seen fit to give us.  I’ll take that trade-off any day

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