Slow Down!

We’re entering the final week of our study of “The 7 Experiment”  This week is all about stress.  As I started this chapter when I read the original book I had a different idea of how this would play out.  I figured that Jen, the author, would go into a plan of attack on paring down our activities and reassessing what we actually spent our time running around and doing.  While I believe that we probably should all do that, the focus of this week was stopping to take time to spend with the Creator.  Pausing 7 times throughout the day to pray; each time with a different focus.  I’ll admit right after I post this I’m going to go set a few alarms on my phone, because I’m not remembering to do this very well.

The other focus of this week is the Sabbath.  I’ll be the first to admit that my Sundays sometimes do not feel very restful.  Between our four family members, we have a full morning of worship services followed by more than one practice of some sort.  Throw in ministry meetings, trainings, and visits and the result is our family all back under one roof around 7-7:30 in the evening piecing together some dinner and then getting ready to face another week.  I don’t have an easy solution for this dilemma.


This week however we’re going to try something new….a shabbat meal.  Jewish families would welcome the Sabbath on Friday evening at sundown.  With a focus on giving thanks, slowing down to enjoy the family, and beginning the Sabbath with praise it has a great appeal.  Obviously I’m not Jewish, but I believe there’s still a lot to be gained from the practice.  Our meal will be Saturday evening as a way of moving into our Sabbath.  I’m still working out a few details, but I hope to share this meal with some friends.  Hopefully we’ll find the peace and focus that comes from slowing down, unplugging, and resting.


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