The Night Watch

Montana_10_bg_061905This week our group is trying to pause 7 times during the day for prayer.  I haven’t hit all seven yet, but I’m improving.  Last night I was up late, so I paused around midnight.  This is the Night Watch.  All the lights in the house were off.  The only light was coming from a single candle that I had lit.  I opened the curtain on the back patio door and could see the lights reflecting off the snow still on the ground.  This time of prayer became very powerful and meaningful.  People and circumstances began coming to my mind.  No one person or situation specifically, but those circumstances that I knew someone had to be facing in the darkness of the night.  Situations like:

  • The parent sitting up with a dying child
  • A father desperate because it’s so difficult to provide for his family
  • The person in such a dark pit of hopelessness they are considering taking their own life
  • The police officer who is in a dangerous situation
  • The mother rushing to the hospital because they’ve received the call no parent should ever get
  • The parent who doesn’t know where her child is
  • The child being abused
  • The widow facing the silence of a lonely home

Each time praying that the Lord would flood their life with His mercy and strength.  Knowing that those situations were playing out somewhere in the night while my children were safe, warm, and asleep down the hall made my prayer even more urgent.  And for just a brief time I kept watch.  Kept a silent vigil for all those hurting in the night.


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