Unexpected day of rest

Our Sabbath day was wonderful!  Beginning with our enjoyable Shabbat meal followed by joyful worship services that included 5 baptisms, and completed with a day with our church family and friends the day was everything it should have been.  So this morning I was ready to hit the ground running.  Monday is one of my days off from work, but I had a morning appointment and several tasks to attend to.

Enter a 7 year old with a fever.  When that happens whatever role I needed to play for the day…employee, volunteer, photographer…faded away and my role simply became “Mommy”.  Appointments were cancelled and tasks delayed.  My phone alarm still rang with the pauses for prayer that I am working on keeping for this week, but I prayed silent prayers while cuddling a sick child.

The day was quiet and slow, and at 1:00 PM you would have found both of us wrapped up in a home made quilt asleep in our recliner.  The little one because her body was fighting off illness and me because my body was rebelling against an hour lost to the time change.

Too many times we won’t slow down when we need to.  We push through sickness and fatigue to keep whittling down our “To Do” list.  Sometimes all that is needed is that extra unexpected day of rest.


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