What to do with “After”

Our group has finished the 9 weeks of our Seven Experiment Bible study. We’ve been inspired, challenged, perhaps even a bit overwhelmed. Sometimes with a study it’s not the “during” that I find the most challenging. It’s the “after”. How do you implement necessary changes into your daily life. It’s one thing to focus on minimizing food waste and healthy eating for 7 days. It’s an entirely different matter to make sweeping lifestyle changes that will result in a more wholesome eating and less wasteful spending. To look at your home and begin to formulate a plan for reducing possessions is a lot easier than finding the time to begin sorting, purging, and organizing the rest.

So here’s where I face the real challenge.  How to take what I feel that God has been saying to me and weave it into my everyday life.  How to daily choose to live simply and not give into the culture that says more, newer, and shinier equals better.  How to best manage my time so that my life is poured into the eternal things that matter and not wasted on the fleeting and irrelevant.

It’s a challenge.  One that requires daily wisdom from the Lord, encouragement for the journey, and a focus on what is needed for this day.

On a side note my family and I just enjoyed a wonderful, fun, and restful week in Colorado where we were treated to the beauty of God’s creation!

IMG_7283_1_2_tonemapped IMG_0551


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