Happy, Happy, Happy

Pardon the Duck Dynasty reference (you got to love Uncle Si).  This past Sunday I was able to make a presentation for Compassion at our church.  It was our 2nd year in a row of participating in Compassion Sunday.  Last year 25 children were sponsored.  Setting up my display with the 20 sponsorship packets that were sent to me, I had a few reservations about how this year would go.  After all there is a high percentage of families that already sponsor in our church.

Forgive the photo quality...iPad doesn't have a great camera!

Forgive the photo quality…iPad doesn’t have a great camera!

So my goal was 2-fold.  To inform our newer friends about the work and mission of Compassion and to encourage those existing sponsors to keep writing letters.  I wanted to remind them of the vital work they were doing.  Everything came together wonderfully.  When I left the building that morning 11 of the 20 sponsorship packets had been taken.  There was a mix of new sponsors and families adding another child to their Compassion family.

I am so blessed to be part of a church that gives of itself to serve those around the world.  I am anticipating and prayerful that after next Sunday even more of the children will be sponsored.

Of course you can always find beautiful kids waiting for a sponsor at Compassion’s Website


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