Filled up and Challenged


Photo: Kathy Schreirer

My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a Compassion Advocate’s conference this past weekend in Chicago.  I had immediately went to sign up when it was announced.  After I realized I could bring Dusty as well, we registered, made arrangements for the kids, and looked forward to a weekend away.  The conference was a wonderful experience.  We got to hear from Daniel Njenja.  Daniel grew up in Kenya as a sponsored child.  He went on to graduate from Compassion’s Leadership Development Program.  Daniel is currently studying at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

To hear how sponsorship had changed the entire course of his life was inspiring.  He told of his mother dying when he was 9 from tuberculosis.  He spoke of the days when his father was unable to find work and as a result he and his siblings would go without food.  Then he spoke of the care he received from the staff at the child development center.  He received educational help, food, and encouragement.  He was told how God loved him and had a plan for him.  Daniel committed to follow Jesus.  His family came to know Jesus.  Today Daniel’s father is an associate pastor, his sister is married to a pastor, and he is studying to become a pastor and church planter.  Sponsorship changes lives!


Photo: Kathy Schrierer

We also go to hear from Shaun Groves.  Shaun is a music artist and worship leader.  He leads Compassion’s blogging tours.  (And, yes, that is me right down in front.)  I became a Compassion sponsor after reading about a trip to Uganda in 2008 from one of the bloggers that I followed.  I was so glad to have the opportunity to say hello and thank Shaun personally for his work with Compassion.

There were other wonderful speakers and great breakout sessions.  Sessions to helped to further clarify the mission of Compassion and how they are serving one child at a time.  It was neat to talk with other advocates and hear about their travels.  I came home filled to the brim….and challenged.

I can’t fully articulate to you right now some of those challenges, but they are the kinds of things that make my mother nervous!  They make me a bit uncomfortable…and excited.  However, I have never read a verse in the Bible where God commands us to be comfortable and take it easy.  I’m sure these things will work themselves out more clearly in the near future.  Right now, for this day, along with some trusted friends, I’m seeking God for his direction.


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