And then there were 9

As I wrote earlier, we had a wonderful Compassion Sunday at Hope Community.  I am so appreciative of our church members and their generous hearts.  In total our church’s members sponsor over 40 children all around the world.

After our event I still have 9 child sponsorship packets.  These packets have been prayed over earnestly.  I know that God knows who their sponsor is and he will provide.  However, I really don’t like to have to send packets back to Compassion.  I would be remiss if I didn’t give one more opportunity for someone to sponsor these special kids before they are out of my hands.

Patience - Ghana

Patience – Ghana

Steven  - Rwanda

Steven – Rwanda

Jhon - Ecuador

Jhon – Ecuador

Gayanaikha - Haiti

Gayanaikha – Haiti

Dessy - Indonesia

Dessy – Indonesia

Derick - Ghana

Derick – Ghana


Dalma – Dominican Republic

Brice - Haiti

Brice – Haiti

Yididiya - Ethiopia

Yididiya – Ethiopia

One of the responses that I often get is, “They look so sad.”  And while this may be the case in some circumstances it’s not necessarily so with every kid.  It is very serious and important for these families that have a child selected to enroll in the Compassion program.  This is an important event to have their photo taken for their sponsorship packet and parents remind their kids of this fact.  What you may take for sadness may just be seriousness.

I will have access to these children’s packets for a few more days.  If you’ve ever considered sponsoring a child, I’d love to talk with you further.  Send a message to


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