Same…but different

Mother’s Day is coming up in less than a week.  God has seen fit to bless my husband and I with two wonderful children.  They make me laugh, they sometimes frustrate me, and they make me proud.


There are mothers all over the world with the same joys, frustrations, hopes, and dreams as I have.  We are the same; but we are different.

Women all over the world who will tuck their kids into bed with a kiss and hug tonight just like I will.  They will worry about their children contracting malaria from the mosquitoes that incessantly buzz all night.  I will not.

Women like me who want their kids to grow in knowledge and have the opportunity for education.  I’ll take my kids to their well-equipped schools to learn from trained teachers tomorrow.  They can not.

Women who rely on their husband’s hard work to provide for their children, as I do.  They will hope that their children’s father will find work for the day so there is money for food.  I will not.

Women who want their kids to stay strong and healthy as do I.  If my child is ill, I have many options as to which doctor I will take them to.  They do not.


Photo: Compassion International

I sometimes wonder why God saw fit to place me in a country with vast resources while countless numbers of mothers have watch their kids go without even the most basic necessities.   There are hard questions to which I don’t think I’ll ever have the answer.  That doesn’t mean that we can’t do something though, but in the face of such big problems, what can we do?

One place to start is Compassion’s Child Survival Program.  The Child Survival Program aids mothers and their children from pregnancy through toddler hood by providing mothers with access to medical check-ups, immunizations, supplemental food and nutrition education, parenting education, and spiritual discipleship.  You can partner with Compassion as a monthly donor or make a one time contribution.  Please visit Compassion’s website today.

We all have the same basic needs.  We all have different problems and difficulties.  We all can battle poverty and injustice….together.



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