There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  I’m embarking on a journey that began with a single word…”yes”.  I have written about my involvement with Compassion and how important it has become to me.  I had the opportunity to attend a Compassion Advocate’s conference in Chicago last month.  It was great to talk with other advocates and to hear about their experiences travelling to countries where Compassion works.

I had always viewed a trip with Compassion as something that would be great to do, but practically out of reach because of expense.  We are just a regular middle class family and don’t have wads of spare cash lying around.  The day after the conference during church service our pastor gave the scripture that would be the focus of the sermon.  I opened up my iPad to look up the verses.  My email was open and had pulled in some new messages.  There was one from Compassion and the subject was “An Invitation to Meet Wannaporn!”  Wannaporn is our sponsored child in Thailand.  Suddenly I was struck with this very distinct thought which I believe was a direct message from God.  “You stood before your church family exactly one week ago during Compassion Sunday and told them that God wanted their obedience above all.  That whatever it was, if God was calling someone to do something, he would provide….financial or otherwise.”

After much prayer, discussion with my husband, and counsel from trusted friends I have arrived at this place…”yes”.  Unless God completely shuts the door, next year I plan to meet one of our sponsored children.  I originally thought that would take me to Thailand.  Now it looks as if that journey is going to take me to Tanzania.  I had told Dusty that all things being equal I think I would prefer to go to Tanzania.  Mwajuma has been part of our family for over 5 years now and Tanzania is where my Compassion story began.


The trip will be in March 2014…ten months away.   It’s a big decision.  It’s a long journey.  It will be life changing.  It’s not set in stone yet, but it’s the direction I am moving toward.  I would appreciate your prayers.


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