We’re back around to Monday after a full weekend for our family.  We traveled to Illinois for a family reunion.  My mom was one of six children, so family gatherings have always been characterized by two words, “a lot”!  A lot of food, a lot of kids running around and a lot of fun.  Close to sixty of my relatives gathered at the family farm to catch up on what life had brought to them the past year, comment on how fast the kids were growing up and to fuss over the newest family members. IMG_7713


These are the people who I spent holidays with growing up.  We’ve shared laughter, fun, and a healthy amount of homemade noodles together.  There have been new people to welcome and we’ve had to say goodbye to some, but there is one thing you can count on with this family….love, laughter, & faith.

On Sunday I had the privilege of photographing another family that is in many ways just like mine.  This family is also full of love, laughter, and faith.  However, life has landed them in the middle of some troubling times.  Their beloved mom has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer.  They gathered at church yesterday to join together to ask God for a miracle.


 And yet in the midst of uncertainty this family radiated love…love for Jesus and love for each other.  As the entire church surrounded them to pray you just knew that something special was taking place and the very presence of God was in that place.

After this weekend, I was again reminded that life is short and relationships are precious.  Far beyond any possession or position the value in life is found in the relationships.  Your family, your friends (some of which are treasured every bit as much as family), and most importantly, your relationship with God our Creator.  Don’t neglect them.


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