What the Zoobs?!?!?!

What the Zoobs?*
*An exclamatory phrase thrown around by my teenage son and his friends, usually meaning “I don’t get it?”


It’s hot in Indiana!  I was committed to starting week 4 of Couch to 5k today.  Couldn’t go this morning so I was faced with the prospect of jogging in high humidity with the temps hovering around 90.  I started to drift back into my old mindset before I headed out and it was telling me this…

It’s hot!
You’re going from jogging a total of 9 minutes to a total of 16 minutes.
Don’t get your hopes up.
Hey, just be glad if you can finish some of the jogging intervals.

It’s the same old battle.  It’s not necessarily with my body; it’s with my mind.  So I did my best to switch that part of my brain off and just settle in and go.  The intervals for week for are:  3 minutes jogging, 1.5 minutes walking, 5 minutes jogging, 2.5 minutes walking and repeat.

After knocking out the first 3 min. without any problem I basically zoned out, relaxed and did the 5 minutes.  This was when I had the “What the Zoobs?” moment.  It was 90 stinkin’ degrees and I did that without a problem.  Keep in mind I’m still dreadfully slow, but I’ll work on that later.  My brain started telling me that I COULD do this. Long story made short.  I did.  And you know what….for this day….I’m quite proud. 🙂

On a side note…had the monthly weigh-in on Tuesday and even though I wish the numbers dropped faster, they are dropping.  My total is 15 lbs down.


Back in the saddle


After a few days off of my workout schedule due to a busy life schedule, it was time to hit it again tonight.  I would have went this morning when it was cooler, but I had a chiropractor appointment and it just wasn’t going to work.  So I waited as long as I could and headed out to the trail….somewhere in the low to mid 80’s.  Trying not to think about that I cued up week 3 of Couch to 5k and got ready.  I’ve been on this week….longer than a week.  I still was having trouble completing all of the jogging intervals.  I was successful the last time so I thought if I could do it tonight then it would be time to move on to week 4.  After warming up I headed into the 1st 1 1/2 minute interval.  About half way through I had this thought. “Is this what it’s like for people who jog for fun?”  I was breathing easy and was enjoying the scenery.  Weird. The 3 minute interval went by without any problems.

Now it’s at this point where I feel the need to apologize to anyone who was behind me for the long walking interval.  The song that is playing in my ear seems to cause me to walk with some exaggerated hip and head movements.  I also may have been doing some mini pop and lock moves with my arms.  Sorry….I am blissfully unaware when the music is up….ignore me. 🙂

Next 1.5 minutes jogging. Done.  Now comes the challenge, my nemesis to this point, the 2nd 3 minute interval.  I relaxed and settled in…..and jogged the thing out.  A little labored on the breathing toward the end, but i did it!  I listen to a podcast that has a woman who comes on during the songs to tell me when to switch from walking to jogging.  When that voice came on and said, “Congratulations, you’ve just completed your running interval.”  I wanted to yell for joy.  However I figured I would give the 3 nice ladies that I just passed a heart attack so I refrained.

Finished the cool down walk and ended the workout with the same song I end every workout on.  Maybe someday I’ll tell you what it is, but for now I’ll keep that to myself.  Let’s just say when I’ve accomplished what I want to, the words are perfect and when I haven’t quite made it to my goal for the day, it gives me a shot of encouragement.  And no, it’s not Eye of the Tiger!! That’s Dusty’s gig. 🙂

So with that, week 3, I own you!  Week 4, I’m coming for you…your butt is mine!

The imaginary wall

I had got out of my routine the past several days.  I was scheduled to do C25k on Friday, but didn’t feel well.  Saturday was completely filled with photo shoots, and Sunday was filled up as well.  I got up this morning determined to get back into the groove.  I decided to just stick to my subdivision, so after dropping kids off at school I headed out.  My….legs…felt….like….lead!  It was like I was back on week one.  I know it’s in my head, but I haven’t been able to get past it yet.  It felt like it took every bit of energy I had to keep moving forward.  I found myself dropping back down to walking before the interval was up.  Felt like hitting a wall, but I know it’s imaginary.  Found this a few days ago and I think it about sums it up.

jillianquoteI found myself trying to tell my brain that today.  It’s not my legs….it’s my head giving up!!  So on Wednesday I’ll lace up the shoes again and go again.  I’m going to push through this wall!

On a happier note we received 2 letters this past week.  We got our first letter from Fadhila, our correspondent child in Tanzania and today we received a letter from Salisa, our correspondent child in Thailand.  Fadhila wrote about how she hopes to be a teacher someday.  Salisa lives with her grandmother and wrote about how she helps her with the house work because she is very old and has congenital diseases and how she doesn’t want her to have to work hard.  I am always so happy to hear from each of the children and it serves to motivate me even more.


I am always amazed by the intricate Thai language 

Do or Do Not


Yes, I’m going to quote Yoda tonight.  Turned 38 yesterday and apparently is was a tiring experience.  I hit 3:00 pm and could barely keep my eyes open.  Didn’t really feel sick; just tired.  I had band practice at 8:00 and had planned to get in another round of C25k in before that.  At 6:45 pm I was sitting in the recliner yawning and ready to doze off.  It come down to a simple yes or no.  Yes, I’ll haul myself out of this chair and move it, or no, I’m too tired and what will it hurt to skip one day.  After ping-ponging back and forth I bit the bullet and changed clothes and headed to the trail.

In hind sight I probably psyched myself out because I started out thinking, “Man, I’m tired, but we’ll see what happens.”  My jogging intervals were pathetic.  Halfway through I ditched my C25k podcast and switched to really loud upbeat music.  I finished by jogging when I felt like it and walking the rest.  The trail runs behind a friend’s house, so I made sure I was running then!  Hi, Janelle!! 🙂

I passed a group of teenagers on their bikes as I started my first jogging interval.  I knew the 3rd one, so I smiled and waved and he smiled back.  Passed the same group again on the way back, so I nodded and smiled again.  I got the church for practice and the youth group was finishing up.  There was the kid that I thought I had been waving too.  I looked at him and asked him if he had been at the church the whole time.  “Uhh….yeah”  Great!  Now there is a teenager who lives in the subdivision next to the trail who’s wondering why the creepy woman keeps waving at him.

So while this day of C25k might be considered a fail, I’m going to chalk up a win because at least I didn’t stay in the recliner!

Lessons learned tonight

  • Unless you really have a good legitimate reason….lace up the shoes and get some exercise.
  • Jogging when you’ve got to pee will kill your determination and your intervals
  • Even if your workout hasn’t been stellar kick it up a notch when passing the friend’s house. 🙂
  • Make sure you really know who you’re waving to!

Another lap completed…

not around the track, but around the sun.  As of today, I’ve completed 38 of those laps.  It was a fairly low-key day.  I started off with a free treat from Starbucks, got to work at a festively decorated desk, was surprised with two different bouquets of flowers, and enjoyed dinner with my family.  Of course today brought the flurry of Facebook activity that comes with each birthday.  I’m happy and I feel blessed.


See what happens when you jam 38 candles on a little cake….FIRE!

I got to thinking about some other birthdays.  My brother dug up this wonderful little photo from my 15th birthday!


Yeah, the guy on the left….I married him!  Nine years ago I was celebrating my birthday during a period of depression following a miscarriage a month earlier.  Thankfully, God brought me through that time in my life and I’m stronger for it.  Two years ago we celebrated at the Indiana State Fair.  Later that night, after we had left, a storm ripped through Indianapolis and collapsed the stage at a concert killing several and injuring many.  But I can honestly say that most of my birthdays have been happy days that remind me of how much God really has given me.

And what do I think the next 365 days will bring?  Who knows?  I know there are some things I’d like to accomplish.

During the next year I will travel to Africa.  I sincerely hope that my life is changed and God uses that trip and the ministry of Compassion in a great way.

I want to be at my fitness and health goals.  Do I have a number in mind for the scale.  Not really….I’m not really sure what that “happy” weight number will be.

I want to simplify some areas of my life.  I want to focus on the things that play to my strengths and excel at them.  That will mean stepping away from some things in the process.

I guess when it’s all said and done I want to continue to strive to be the woman, wife, mother, and friend that God has called me to be.  For this day…..that’s not a bad goal to have. 🙂

Food, exercise, & a mini-rant!

First, a little mini-rant!  Stepped on the scale and it was up 3 lbs!  What?!?!?! I’ve only been weighing myself twice a month.  I started this little adventure at the end of May.  I focused on my eating habits and didn’t really worry too much about exercise.  I cut out processed carbs, sugar, and made sure I was getting plenty of vegetables, fruits, & water.  I dropped 10 pounds that month.  July was a bit of a wash.  We went camping and I got a bit lax on my eating.  Still managed to drop a pound for the month though.  So at the midpoint for month 3 I had higher hopes.  I had started exercising regularly and was hoping for a 4-5 lb. loss; but a 3 lb. gain…..Aaargh!

Time to take a step back and be objective.  Yesterday was my husbands birthday and I do believe that there was some ice cream involved during the weekend.  There might possibly have been some of this involved.


Yes, that would be an obnoxiously huge wedge of pizza from Perillo’s.  It’s a tiny pizzeria in a little tiny town west of here.  We heard it was fabulous and I took Dusty there for his birthday. And even though I ordered mine with green olives and it came with green peppers it was quite tasty.  The garlic cheese rolls were to die for…and…I…..think…I may have discovered the problem!   Come to think of it my ankles felt swollen this morning and my mouth was dry.   Warning:  sodium intake problem!!   Let it be known that I have been drinking water like a camel preparing for a trip across the Sahara today.  So far I have had 2 eggs, some grapes, a salad of baby greens, broccoli, and feta, and some tuna.  Time to refocus.

Back to focusing on what I’m eating.  I keep reading that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  I think the last 2 1/2 months have proven that.  I’m not booting the exercise to the curb. In fact I’ll be back out on the trail later today.  But the proof is in the pudding…..quit eating the pudding!

Switching gears now for Mailcall Monday.  We received letters from two of our correspondent children last week.  We heard from Rosette, our little 8 year old from Uganda and we heard from Kevin in Bolivia.  I’m really enjoying Kevin’s letters in particular.  He answers specific questions that I ask him in my letters and talks about photos I have sent him.

DSC04366Each letter that comes my way is another reminder of one of the reasons that I am working so hard to build a healthier lifestyle.  They are great encouragement!

Fitness or Fun?

The answer:  Both!

I have wonderful friends and when one of our birthdays rolls around we have to go do something fun.  Over the years my birthday outings have included make-your-own pottery, a Segway tour, comedy clubs, some really great restaurants, and even a whirlwind trip to New York City.  This year we headed downtown for the Indianapolis Challenge Nation race.  This was a scavenger hunt where you had to race all over downtown solving clues, performing various activities, and then snapping a photo at each stop.  Kind of a 5k that required use of your brain.


Sarah, Stacy, Heather, & I ready to get the party started

Promptly at 1:00 PM we got our instruction sheet and were off.  In hindsight we probably should have figured out where each clue would take us and then map out a plan, but that would have made too much sense.  There was also a tactical error on my part because I had the location of the old Market Square Arena in the wrong place in my mind.

Some of the clues led you to specific locations to complete tasks like this one on Monument Circle.DSC04358

or this one that led us to the bricks in front of Lucas Oil Stadium


Some were more general.  One of them said – Find any out-of-towner wearing some non-sports-related “hometown garb,” that says where they’re from-as long as it’s not anywhere in Indiana.  Take a photo with this visitor acting out what they like about their hometown.  Stacy took it upon herself to look at everyone’s shirt trying to find something that fit the bill.  Finally we found some poor kid wearing a shirt that said Wyoming on it.  We stopped him and quickly explained what we were doing and could we have a photo.  Then I asked him where he was from….Seattle.  Close enough!  He said the best thing about Seattle was the food.  This is the resulting photo. 🙂


Then there was the “Find a statue of a President who’s face is on Rushmore” clue which resulted in this gem.


It was nice and warm in Indy this afternoon so by the time we found all of our locations, including the old location of Market Square Arena we were a hot sweaty mess.

Our last photo...a tribute to Elvis' last concert location....Market Square Arena

Our last photo…a tribute to Elvis’ last concert location….Market Square Arena

We got back to the start/finish location with a blistering time of 1 hour 35 min!  (The winners did it in 45 minutes) When it was all said and done our route took us 4 miles.  So for the record we did a 6.4k!  Our “After” photo was a bit sweatier than our “before”.


Several teams had some crazy costumes.  There was a family dressed head to toe like the Ninja Turtles.  One group as Scooby, Shaggy, and crew, including the poor person representing Velma who was wearing a sweater.  Then there was this group of crowd favorites….Team WWF!


Sometimes I forget to act like I’m 37!

While I was once again reminded that I’m still quite a ways from running a 5k, I got to spend the afternoon with a great group of girls, having a ton of fun, and getting a healthy dose of exercise in to boot!  Thanks Ladies!