It’s just an excuse…

…and I’ve tried to use my fair share of them.  I can’t run.  Eating healthy is hard and it’s more expensive.  I hate vegetables.  But it’s fill in the blank  (someone’s birthday…a party…a holiday)  I’ll start next week!  Everyone of them a big fat excuse.  I just finished my 2nd week of the Couch to 5k, and I completed all of the run/jog intervals without stopping early.  That’s farther than I got when I attempted this last year.


A nice sweaty post-workout pic. Weird reflection in the background

Did I blaze down the trail like Flo-Jo; gracefully gliding by in a fluid motion….nope!  Even though I like to think I’m graceful in my own mind I probably more closely resembled this.


We had a visitor today

But I’ve made my peace with that.  I used to worry what I looked like while trying to jog.  I gave up on that a while ago.  Because I think this sums it up for me:


 Next week the jogging intervals stretch out to 3 minutes.  No excuses.

In other bits and pieces of family news, kiddos started back to school this week.  We now officially house a 3rd grader and a sophomore!

IMG_9911 IMG_9910

I have to share this last photo.  I volunteer my photography services for Misty Eyes Shelter.  Today I photographed this cute little guy.  Hunter is looking for his forever home.  Hope you find it soon Hunter!



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