Cheese & Crackers!

Today was day one of week 3 of the Couch to 5k, and to use one of my grandfather’s favorite exclamatory statements……..cheese & crackers!

cheese-and-crackers-02The 6 intervals of 90 seconds jogging went to an interval of 90 seconds followed by a 90 second walk then 3 minutes of jogging followed by a 3 minute walk and then repeat.  I had some reservations whether I could get through all of that.  So sporting some new workout capris, I headed down the trail.  The new capris had a small hidden pocket in the waistband in which I had tucked my phone.  I hit the first jogging interval and within seconds my phone took a dive south!  Great!  Now I’m jogging with my phone working its way down my leg.  Time for a brief pause to fish it out of the bottom of my pants!  I’m nothing if not ever graceful!  So now it’s either jog with phone in hand or find another hiding place.  The phone joined my car key and I’m not going into detail where that was!

Onward and upward!  Time for the 3 minute jog.  With Beyonce’ belting out “Bootylicious” I persevered.  No stopping!  I knocked out the 2nd 90 second interval and dug in for the final 3 minutes.  Here’s where I had my “Cheese & Crackers!” moment.  It was tough! I’ll admit that I dropped down to walking pace for a few seconds, but they didn’t total more than 10-15 seconds total.  I fought it out…..albeit slowly.  As I was finishing huffing and puffing through the last 10 seconds I got passed my a smooth jogger wearing a cute outfit.  I had to just smile and think, “Someday…I’ll get there.”




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