An unexpected treasure

No goofball jogging stories to tell tonight.  I pushed through week 3, day 2 at about the same pace as I did on Monday.  At least everything stayed where it was supposed to this time.

Mom and Dad are on vacation this week and our house was on their travel route for a night.  When they got here Mom had a wrapped present for me.  My birthday is next week, but this present was wrapped up in Christmas paper.  She asked me if I remembered that last Christmas she said she had another gift for me but it wasn’t done.  Honestly I had forgotten. So I opened it up and found this.


The album was filled with old photos of me and my family, hand written recipes, and bible verses that my mom had hand written.  It was wonderful.  There was photos of me with my Great-grandma Anna on the same page as Grandma Anna’s orange slice cookie recipe.  Recipes that like the punch that has been served at special family occasions for decades.


There were also some special inclusions like a page of my grandfather’s hand written Sunday School study notes and a recipe hand written by my great-grandmother.


It was so much fun to flip through the photos (some of which I had forgotten about) including some winners of my husband when he was a teenager!.  Yes, he’s been hanging around for a long time!

We have made quite a few jokes about my mother’s handwriting.  Let’s just say it has a look all it’s own.  So to see page after page of recipes that had been printed by hand and page upon page of bible verses special to my mom written out carefully meant a great deal to me.  I know she worked very hard for a long time on that.


With all of our technology, the quick texts and emails, & Facebook messages I think we’ve lost something.  It takes time and care to sit down and put pen to paper and write.  It’s something I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing, but I plan to remedy that soon.  Hopefully my daughter will treasure my words to her just as much as I treasure these pages.  Thanks Mom!  I love you!


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