Fitness or Fun?

The answer:  Both!

I have wonderful friends and when one of our birthdays rolls around we have to go do something fun.  Over the years my birthday outings have included make-your-own pottery, a Segway tour, comedy clubs, some really great restaurants, and even a whirlwind trip to New York City.  This year we headed downtown for the Indianapolis Challenge Nation race.  This was a scavenger hunt where you had to race all over downtown solving clues, performing various activities, and then snapping a photo at each stop.  Kind of a 5k that required use of your brain.


Sarah, Stacy, Heather, & I ready to get the party started

Promptly at 1:00 PM we got our instruction sheet and were off.  In hindsight we probably should have figured out where each clue would take us and then map out a plan, but that would have made too much sense.  There was also a tactical error on my part because I had the location of the old Market Square Arena in the wrong place in my mind.

Some of the clues led you to specific locations to complete tasks like this one on Monument Circle.DSC04358

or this one that led us to the bricks in front of Lucas Oil Stadium


Some were more general.  One of them said – Find any out-of-towner wearing some non-sports-related “hometown garb,” that says where they’re from-as long as it’s not anywhere in Indiana.  Take a photo with this visitor acting out what they like about their hometown.  Stacy took it upon herself to look at everyone’s shirt trying to find something that fit the bill.  Finally we found some poor kid wearing a shirt that said Wyoming on it.  We stopped him and quickly explained what we were doing and could we have a photo.  Then I asked him where he was from….Seattle.  Close enough!  He said the best thing about Seattle was the food.  This is the resulting photo. 🙂


Then there was the “Find a statue of a President who’s face is on Rushmore” clue which resulted in this gem.


It was nice and warm in Indy this afternoon so by the time we found all of our locations, including the old location of Market Square Arena we were a hot sweaty mess.

Our last photo...a tribute to Elvis' last concert location....Market Square Arena

Our last photo…a tribute to Elvis’ last concert location….Market Square Arena

We got back to the start/finish location with a blistering time of 1 hour 35 min!  (The winners did it in 45 minutes) When it was all said and done our route took us 4 miles.  So for the record we did a 6.4k!  Our “After” photo was a bit sweatier than our “before”.


Several teams had some crazy costumes.  There was a family dressed head to toe like the Ninja Turtles.  One group as Scooby, Shaggy, and crew, including the poor person representing Velma who was wearing a sweater.  Then there was this group of crowd favorites….Team WWF!


Sometimes I forget to act like I’m 37!

While I was once again reminded that I’m still quite a ways from running a 5k, I got to spend the afternoon with a great group of girls, having a ton of fun, and getting a healthy dose of exercise in to boot!  Thanks Ladies!


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