Food, exercise, & a mini-rant!

First, a little mini-rant!  Stepped on the scale and it was up 3 lbs!  What?!?!?! I’ve only been weighing myself twice a month.  I started this little adventure at the end of May.  I focused on my eating habits and didn’t really worry too much about exercise.  I cut out processed carbs, sugar, and made sure I was getting plenty of vegetables, fruits, & water.  I dropped 10 pounds that month.  July was a bit of a wash.  We went camping and I got a bit lax on my eating.  Still managed to drop a pound for the month though.  So at the midpoint for month 3 I had higher hopes.  I had started exercising regularly and was hoping for a 4-5 lb. loss; but a 3 lb. gain…..Aaargh!

Time to take a step back and be objective.  Yesterday was my husbands birthday and I do believe that there was some ice cream involved during the weekend.  There might possibly have been some of this involved.


Yes, that would be an obnoxiously huge wedge of pizza from Perillo’s.  It’s a tiny pizzeria in a little tiny town west of here.  We heard it was fabulous and I took Dusty there for his birthday. And even though I ordered mine with green olives and it came with green peppers it was quite tasty.  The garlic cheese rolls were to die for…and…I…..think…I may have discovered the problem!   Come to think of it my ankles felt swollen this morning and my mouth was dry.   Warning:  sodium intake problem!!   Let it be known that I have been drinking water like a camel preparing for a trip across the Sahara today.  So far I have had 2 eggs, some grapes, a salad of baby greens, broccoli, and feta, and some tuna.  Time to refocus.

Back to focusing on what I’m eating.  I keep reading that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  I think the last 2 1/2 months have proven that.  I’m not booting the exercise to the curb. In fact I’ll be back out on the trail later today.  But the proof is in the pudding…..quit eating the pudding!

Switching gears now for Mailcall Monday.  We received letters from two of our correspondent children last week.  We heard from Rosette, our little 8 year old from Uganda and we heard from Kevin in Bolivia.  I’m really enjoying Kevin’s letters in particular.  He answers specific questions that I ask him in my letters and talks about photos I have sent him.

DSC04366Each letter that comes my way is another reminder of one of the reasons that I am working so hard to build a healthier lifestyle.  They are great encouragement!


3 thoughts on “Food, exercise, & a mini-rant!

  1. yep dieting/nutrition makes all the difference in the world! changing my diet was how i lost my last 10 lbs! as much as i miss burgers and pizza and fries…its worth it!! its hard but doable!! 🙂

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