Do or Do Not


Yes, I’m going to quote Yoda tonight.  Turned 38 yesterday and apparently is was a tiring experience.  I hit 3:00 pm and could barely keep my eyes open.  Didn’t really feel sick; just tired.  I had band practice at 8:00 and had planned to get in another round of C25k in before that.  At 6:45 pm I was sitting in the recliner yawning and ready to doze off.  It come down to a simple yes or no.  Yes, I’ll haul myself out of this chair and move it, or no, I’m too tired and what will it hurt to skip one day.  After ping-ponging back and forth I bit the bullet and changed clothes and headed to the trail.

In hind sight I probably psyched myself out because I started out thinking, “Man, I’m tired, but we’ll see what happens.”  My jogging intervals were pathetic.  Halfway through I ditched my C25k podcast and switched to really loud upbeat music.  I finished by jogging when I felt like it and walking the rest.  The trail runs behind a friend’s house, so I made sure I was running then!  Hi, Janelle!! 🙂

I passed a group of teenagers on their bikes as I started my first jogging interval.  I knew the 3rd one, so I smiled and waved and he smiled back.  Passed the same group again on the way back, so I nodded and smiled again.  I got the church for practice and the youth group was finishing up.  There was the kid that I thought I had been waving too.  I looked at him and asked him if he had been at the church the whole time.  “Uhh….yeah”  Great!  Now there is a teenager who lives in the subdivision next to the trail who’s wondering why the creepy woman keeps waving at him.

So while this day of C25k might be considered a fail, I’m going to chalk up a win because at least I didn’t stay in the recliner!

Lessons learned tonight

  • Unless you really have a good legitimate reason….lace up the shoes and get some exercise.
  • Jogging when you’ve got to pee will kill your determination and your intervals
  • Even if your workout hasn’t been stellar kick it up a notch when passing the friend’s house. 🙂
  • Make sure you really know who you’re waving to!

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