The imaginary wall

I had got out of my routine the past several days.  I was scheduled to do C25k on Friday, but didn’t feel well.  Saturday was completely filled with photo shoots, and Sunday was filled up as well.  I got up this morning determined to get back into the groove.  I decided to just stick to my subdivision, so after dropping kids off at school I headed out.  My….legs…felt….like….lead!  It was like I was back on week one.  I know it’s in my head, but I haven’t been able to get past it yet.  It felt like it took every bit of energy I had to keep moving forward.  I found myself dropping back down to walking before the interval was up.  Felt like hitting a wall, but I know it’s imaginary.  Found this a few days ago and I think it about sums it up.

jillianquoteI found myself trying to tell my brain that today.  It’s not my legs….it’s my head giving up!!  So on Wednesday I’ll lace up the shoes again and go again.  I’m going to push through this wall!

On a happier note we received 2 letters this past week.  We got our first letter from Fadhila, our correspondent child in Tanzania and today we received a letter from Salisa, our correspondent child in Thailand.  Fadhila wrote about how she hopes to be a teacher someday.  Salisa lives with her grandmother and wrote about how she helps her with the house work because she is very old and has congenital diseases and how she doesn’t want her to have to work hard.  I am always so happy to hear from each of the children and it serves to motivate me even more.


I am always amazed by the intricate Thai language 


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