What the Zoobs?!?!?!

What the Zoobs?*
*An exclamatory phrase thrown around by my teenage son and his friends, usually meaning “I don’t get it?”


It’s hot in Indiana!  I was committed to starting week 4 of Couch to 5k today.  Couldn’t go this morning so I was faced with the prospect of jogging in high humidity with the temps hovering around 90.  I started to drift back into my old mindset before I headed out and it was telling me this…

It’s hot!
You’re going from jogging a total of 9 minutes to a total of 16 minutes.
Don’t get your hopes up.
Hey, just be glad if you can finish some of the jogging intervals.

It’s the same old battle.  It’s not necessarily with my body; it’s with my mind.  So I did my best to switch that part of my brain off and just settle in and go.  The intervals for week for are:  3 minutes jogging, 1.5 minutes walking, 5 minutes jogging, 2.5 minutes walking and repeat.

After knocking out the first 3 min. without any problem I basically zoned out, relaxed and did the 5 minutes.  This was when I had the “What the Zoobs?” moment.  It was 90 stinkin’ degrees and I did that without a problem.  Keep in mind I’m still dreadfully slow, but I’ll work on that later.  My brain started telling me that I COULD do this. Long story made short.  I did.  And you know what….for this day….I’m quite proud. 🙂

On a side note…had the monthly weigh-in on Tuesday and even though I wish the numbers dropped faster, they are dropping.  My total is 15 lbs down.


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