If I can just make it until…..

“fill in the blank”.  I’ve heard that phrase from many a friend.  “If I can just make it until __________ then I can relax a little.”  I usually think quietly (and sometimes not so quietly), “Is this really how we want to live?”  Surviving until things quiet down.  However right now I could look at you and say, “If I can just make it until November 26th.” Then everything will be better.  My job together with a insanely busy fall photography season, my commitments to Operation Christmas Child and its upcoming National Collection Week and my work with Compassion and my upcoming trip to Africa have left me overwhelmed.  Each one is a “good” thing, and important thing.  However I’m currently living out what I’ve been saying to others a lot lately, “No one person can do everything.”  You can try, but you won’t be able to all of them well.  Something will suffer….our reliability, our relationships, our families…something will have to give.


For the next 4 days we’ll be away visiting our family.  There will be no job, no photo shoots, no volunteer commitments.  A chance to breathe.  And when I come back home?  Then I put my head down and fulfill the commitments I’ve made.  But there is a time of reflection and decision making coming.  What am I most passionate about at this point in my life?  What aligns with that passion?  What are my limits?  (I can not create more hours in the day.)  What is priority? (family)   Are the priorities getting the time they deserve?  Then everything else outside that will have to be released.  That doesn’t mean they are bad or not deserving.  On the contrary, they deserve better than I can currently give.  It also opens up opportunities for others to grow.  Perhaps their passion is one of those things I’ll let go of.

In the end, I can point no fingers of blame for my own busyness anywhere but to myself.  Because I don’t have control over much, but I do have control over me.

For this day…….just breathe.


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