Survival Mode!

Ever find yourself in survival mode?  That’s about where I’m at right now.  It’s a busy time of year for me anyway.  The last few weeks of October are usually jammed with photo shoots.  I’m moving into collection season for Operation Christmas Child.  Throw in a part-time job and life’s normal mundane tasks like laundry and cleaning and it’s a recipe for craziness.

I was cruising along in this mode when we got hit with something unexpected.  My daughter, Rachel, had not been feeling well for several weeks.  She had a reoccurring stomach ache and was fatigued.  Several other symptoms convinced me that this was not just a passing bug.  After a trip to the doctor and some tests it was determined that she had an intestinal infection and we started on antibiotics to clear that up.  Two days later the doctor called again.  The rest of her blood work was back.  They had also tested her blood for Celiac disease and her numbers were sky high.  We were referred to a pediatric GI doctor.  I began researching Celiac more in-depth and the symptoms were all lining up with what we had been experiencing.  The meeting with the GI doctor went as I expected and she is scheduled for a endoscopy to make a definitive diagnosis.  Her doctor is certain that we are dealing with Celiac.


The test is scheduled for next Wednesday.  For the test to be accurate we were not to alter her diet.  Rachel loves fettuccine; so off to Fazoli’s we went!  We’ve got one more week of not having to worry about gluten and then we will have to go gluten-free.  Yes, it will be a pain, but there are so many issues that are far worse to deal with.  When we were at the children’s hospital for her appointment I saw precious children who had lost their hair walking with walkers while wearing masks.  In comparison, this is a minor annoyance.  Her body should begin to heal the damage within weeks and we’ll just adapt to a new lifestyle.  We’ll probably be all the better for it!

So for this day, it’s “one day at a time”.  Honestly when I try to think about all that I need to accomplish in the next month and the probable challenges that are coming my way I start to feel like I’m drowning in quicksand.  But I’ve learned that the best way to press forward is to focus on what has to be accomplished today.  Plan & prepare; but focus on today.


One thought on “Survival Mode!

  1. They have so many gluten free products these days, and Trader Joes will give you a list of their products if you ask! Claude is allergic to wheat and we have been dealing with this for a long time.

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