Simple gifts

The word came from the doctor yesterday that Rachel does have Celiac disease.  Our gluten free lifestyle will become permanent.  In the big picture it’s a small thing.  We change what we eat and her body begins to heal.  We all eat healthier in the process.  I’m thankful that it was caught and she will not continue to eat foods that do damage to her little body.  I’m grateful that we have quality medical care available.

However that care comes at a price.  And while a parent would pay anything to care for a sick child, those first bills that came in the mail today brought a small wave of fear.  For a moment I felt overwhelmed.  In the same stack of mail was a package I was not expecting.  In it was this.


A book filled from cover to cover with stories of how God had blessed the work of Operation Christmas Child.  How those simple shoebox gifts had brought hope, healing, and happiness to children all over the world – the power of a simple gift.  In an instant that fear and worry about the medical bills faded away.  The reminder was clear.  God has always provided for our needs, and He will continue to.

Later as I prepared dinner I looked out the patio door and was greeted with this scene.


The setting sun and fading light turned the eastern sky into a beautiful combination of blues, lavenders, and pinks.  Jet trails lit up in orange and pink hues.  This was the thought in my mind.  “You are standing in a warm home.  You have food to prepare that will not harm your daughter’s body.  He has lit up creation with a beautiful palette of light for you to enjoy.”  I felt contentment, and a lovely instrumental song was playing on the speakers in my kitchen.   It’s title….Simple Gifts.