Full Circle

Right now there is a group of bloggers in Uganda with Compassion International.  They are visiting child centers and homes and blogging about their experiences.  It’s somewhat of a full circle moment.  Six years ago in February 2008, Compassion took their first group of bloggers to Uganda.  One of those bloggers happened to be a worship leader who’s blog I read regularly.  For a week I read about Carlos’ and the other blogger’s experiences and saw through the wonderful photographs they difference that Compassion was making in these children’s lives, their family’s lives, and their community.

During the course of that week I made a decision.  The decision to move past the idea that sponsoring a child would be a good thing to do….someday.  The decision was to action.  My family and I circled around the computer and together we choose to sponsor 9-year old Mwajuma from Tanzania.


In the past 6 years we have watched Mwajuma grow into a beautiful young woman.  We have been blessed by her letters.  She shares with us what she is learning from God’s word, prays for us, and we pray for her.

But something more has happened in 6 years.  Two years ago we added Wannaporn from Thailand to our Compassion family.  One year ago, I signed up to be a volunteer Child Advocate with Compassion.  Ten months ago I was assigned my first correspondent child. (Currently I have 6 children to whom I write to regularly as their correspondent sponsor).  Seven months ago I decided to take a big step, jump out of my comfort zone, and fly halfway around the world to meet our precious Mwajuma.

I have had the joy of leading Compassion Sunday events at my church, speaking at conferences about Compassion’s work, and walking family and friends through the process of beginning their sponsorships.  I believe in Compassion’s mission to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.   So in addition to the joy of meeting this beautiful girl in March, I pray for that God will use me to take what I see and experience and make a difference (in whatever way He sees fit).

You can follow along with the group of bloggers in Uganda HERE

Do you want to know more about Compassion and sponsoring a child?


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