Singida – Rock Climbing and a universal language

The 5th center that we visited was a very short drive from the hotel and would be our last center in the Singida region.  We hopped off our bus at TZ-123 Jerusalem Student Center to be greeted with all the warmth and enthusiasm that we had experienced all week.  What I remember about this day was that is was fun and relaxed.  There was no “over the top” emotional moment, but it was just a day filled with laughter.  IMG_0822We listened to their wonderful choir and heard a testimony from one of the older girls.  I do remember that after she was done I would have liked to looked her in the eye and told her that even though I wasn’t her sponsor, I know that if her sponsor had been there they would be so proud of her.  In a way, I hope that is something all of the children took away from our visit.  We may not have been their particular sponsor, but we were proud of them, we loved them, and we wanted the very best for them. IMG_0341Singida had some very unique rock formations.  There were huge rocks and boulders that covered the landscape.  It was quite odd since there were no mountains nearby.  Just random rocks.  After the formal presentations we went outside to spend time with the children.  They led us behind the buildings to climb up some of these rocks.  Now those of you who know me know that I have a reputation for being able to fall and mess up my feet and ankles quite easily.  I’ve tripped over sidewalks, rolled my ankles, and on one occasion slipped out of my own sandals and fell off the stage at church.  (Fortunately it was during practice before church and only the band witnessed my spectacular tuck & roll maneuver.)  I just knew I was going to slip and roll to my demise!  I slowly made my way and was rewarded with a view overlooking the lake in Singida.  In all reality we weren’t that high up, but remember I’ve injured myself over a 1/2 inch difference in a sidewalk.


Photos were popular.  Especially photos with Barbara.  Everyone wanted their photo with “bibi” which means Grandma.  I know Bibi was enjoying it. IMG_0897

We played games and laughed.  You know, we didn’t share a common language, but a smile and laughter are universal.  It was amazing how much could be communicated with just those things.

IMG_0865 IMG_0936 IMG_0932 IMG_0869 IMG_0963IMG_0970

We shared lunch, photos, smiles, and fun.  We said our goodbyes and returned to the hotel.  We had spend 5 days in Singida and would start our return to Arusha the next day.  It had been such a full and rewarding trip to this point, and it was only going to continue.


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