Tanzania – The Last Day

After a full week of visiting Compassion’s child centers, safari, and spending the day with Mwajuma and Fadhila I felt I had squeezed everything I possibly could out of the trip.  I joked with Sean, our trip leader, on Monday night that he could drive me to the airport now because he had nothing left to offer me.

Tuesday would be our last day in Tanzania.  We spent the morning at Compassion’s Tanzanian country office.  I have to admit I was feeling tired that morning and not overly excited about going, but I’m so glad we had the opportunity.  It really was great to see the care of the staff and the scope of their work.  Not only do they handle the details with sponsorship, they are pouring so much into programs to alleviate poverty country-wide.  We heard about clean water programs, building programs, and other interventions.  Partnering with Compassion really is a large-scope & holistic approach to meeting needs.


I stopped by the mail room before lunch and saw the team in action sorting letter, both incoming and outgoing.  I was really tempted to go to the box for Mwajuma or Fadhila’s center and see if I had caught up with one of my letters.


I also fulfilled a mission for a special family back in Brownsburg.  Brad & Jen Murray and their 7-year old quadruplet boys sponsor a little boy in Tanzania.  Jen writes a wonderful blog over at www.4tunate.net  I offered room in my suitcase to take a small backpack of gifts that I could leave at the country office and then they would be forwarded on to their child.  I had met up with the family before I left on my trip and we prayed together over their gift for the trip and for their sponsored child.  I gave the little stuffed bear that was included a squeeze and left him in Philbert’s capable hands.


We said our goodbyes to the wonderful staff and made a quick stop at a market in Arusha for a few souvenirs.  Bartering was the order of the day and it was a bit overwhelming, but I found a few items to bring home to my family.  After a quick stop at a store for some Tanzanian coffee, it was time to finish packing and load up for the airport.


It had been a long trip, but an unforgettable trip.  Tanzania would keep a small part of my heart, and I headed to Kilimanjaro Airport happy, thankful, and grateful.


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