The “In Between”

IMG_1935[1]We’ve have moved into a routine for Easter the past several years.  We have Good Friday service at our church.  We have a great day of celebration on Sunday.  We celebrate the resurrection with our church family.  We eat lunch with our friends and we usually finish up the day sharing dinner with family.  Saturday has become a day full of preparation.

We had another fun morning at church with the Easter Egg hunt, and then the prep work kicked into gear.  In the past 9 hours I have cranked out a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (and then proceeded to OD on the leftover frosting).  I have hard-boiled 2 dozen eggs and now they are two full plates of deviled eggs.  In the fridge is the cheesecake that my brother loves.  I have made gluten-free cookies and gluten-free rolls.  The second batch of yeast rolls is currently in the bread maker.  The first batch, while acceptable, didn’t rise up as much as I would like so I had to make another attempt.  After all I have a reputation to maintain with the kiddos who love Ms. Heidi’s rolls!

Beyond the food there is preparation for worship and celebration.  Music to practice, elements of the worship service to arrange, and happily this year, baptisms to prepare for.

It’s a tiring day, but a fun one.  I like the anticipation of what tomorrow brings.  I like to know that I’ll spend the afternoon with family and friends.  I love that tomorrow morning brings the joy of worship.  But for this day, there is preparation.

Much has been written (by far more knowledgeable people than me) about the disciples.  What was their Saturday like?  There was no preparation for worship and celebration, but a preparation for burial.  The pain of the cross on our Good Friday is overcome by the anticipation of the celebration of the resurrection that only 2 days away.  How deeply they had to still be feeling that pain on Saturday.

Saturday – It is the day in between.  After Good Friday and its focus on the sacrifice of Christ.  After the quietness of communion.  After the soberness of the cross.  Before the day of celebration.  Before the day of victory.  Before the day of resurrection.  It’s the day of preparation. He is Risen!


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