The Next Steps

I have been home from Tanzania for over a month now.  All too easily I’ve slipped back into the routine of my life, but I’m fighting it a little.  Meeting Mwajuma and Fadhila was certainly the highlight and main goal of traveling to Tanzania, but I had some other goals in mind.  I wanted to be able to take the incredible experience of the trip and use it to help enrich my task of advocating for children on Compassion’s behalf.

Dusty & I traveled to Chicago this past weekend for our 2nd Experience Compassion conference.  It was a wonderful time of connecting with other sponsors and advocates.  We had the experience of Skyping with a Compassion project in Bolivia.  It was such a treat to see the smiling faces of Bolivian teenagers and to hear the difference that being enrolled in the project had help to make in their lives.  The students proudly showed us their letters, certificates of accomplishment, and their written plans for their future.


We also heard from Satish Kumar.  Satish is from Bangalore, India and is a graduate of Compassion’s Leadership Development Program.  He is currently serving an internship at Compassion’s headquarters in Colorado Springs and will return to India in several months.  I always enjoy hearing the life stories of formerly sponsored children.  They are always powerful and always a living breathing example of how sponsorship through Compassion truly does work.

The weekend was full of great testimonies, information, and music (led by Nathan Tasker).  I think that the speaker that had the most impact on me might have been Dr. Scott Todd.  Dr. Todd, besides having a great story about his experience as a Compassion sponsor, also gave a compelling presentation about the positive outlook for eliminating extreme poverty in our lifetime.  Dusty and I both agreed that it can become very easy to view the world with pessimism, especially when bombarded by negative news stories about the state of the world.  Dr. Todd presented numerous statistics and examples of how the state of extreme poverty is being dramatically diminished.

It all served to encourage and continue to solidify in my mind that Compassion International works!  Outside studies have proved that sponsorship with Compassion does dramatically affect the life of a child.  Diseases are being combated.  Education is empowering the poor.  Now I can say I have seen it first-hand.


As we left the conference there was a table full of sponsorship packets.  I was a little hesitant to take one.  I don’t like to be entrusted with finding a sponsor for a child and then having to decommission a sponsorship packet because the deadline passes.  However, I saw one packet for a little girl from Tanzania.  The country has become near to my heart for obvious reasons.  It’s where my sponsorship journey began.  I have walked along her dirt roads, I have shared meals with her beautiful people, I have seen her indescribable beauty.  I know there is more work to be done.  This is Yudesi.  Yudesi needs a sponsor.  Sponsorship is $38/month.  I can tell you that your money will be used with integrity, and the results will be far-reaching and unmeasurable.  I will have her packet until May 16th.  If you would like to know more about sponsoring Yudesi or if you have any questions about sponsoring a child with Compassion, then send me a message at


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