The Hack Pack Bite Back!


So I’m sure a lot of you have heard this story by now.  A man in Ohio began a Kickstarter campaign over the 4th of July weekend to make a good potato salad.  His goal was $10 to buy ingredients to make his first potato salad.  As of the moment that I’m writing this he has raised over……..$43,000!!!!  Forty….three….thousand….DOLLARS!  To be honest I think it’s all very funny.  He has stated that he did it on a whim for the fun and silliness in life.  Now I’m all for fun, and I’ve instigated my own fair share of silliness.  To me it says that people like to be part of something fun.  They like to be part of something bigger than just themselves.  So to Potato Salad Guy, I say, “Thanks for the inspiration.”  You’ve proven again that social media can take a person by surprise.

So what did Potato Salad Guy (from here on out referred to as PSG) inspire me to do?  You may have seen a couple days ago that I started a Firstgiving page to raise funds for Compassion’s Bite Back program.  This program seeks to help prevent malaria through providing mosquito nets and education to families living with the threat of this disease all over the world.  2,000 kids die EACH DAY from malaria.  That’s 2,000 too many!A couple of people have already donated and I would like to send them a HUGE Thank You!  Tonight I went in and added a zero to the goal.  Hold up Heidi!  You really think you can raise $5,000 this summer?!?!  Nope….not for one moment do I think I can….at least not by myself.  PSG didn’t even conceive of raising $43,000, but he did.  I’ve got a far better offer for you….a chance to save lives!  Plus I’ve got a secret weapon…I’d tell you, but then it wouldn’t be a secret!


What does that mean for you?  Glad you asked!  I’m going to cut to the chase.  I need you to give.  ANYTHING.  $10 will buy a mosquito net for a family to use, but that’s not the only option…give $5….give $1….just give.  Take a few moments and give now.  Don’t procrastinate as I tend to do! 🙂  And then share and pass it along.  Share it on Facebook, retweet, reinstagram, re – anything.  I have a lot of great friends and family.  My friends and family have a lot of great friends and family.  Together we can make waves.  Together we can doing something big.  I can’t do it alone, but together we might just even give potato salad a run for it’s money!

We’re going to have some fun along the way.  Not sure about all the details, but I think a music video might be in order if we reach a certain level.  You will have to stay tuned for the details.

Hey, we even have a catchy name to go along with this campaign.  So join the Hack Pack and Bite Back!

Click to Donate to Bite Back now




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