It’s my Birthday, and I’m shamelessly asking for….


Wednesday, Aug. 13th is my 39th birthday.  It’s not my “39th birthday, because I’ve actually passed 40 and can’t bring myself to say it” birthday.  It really is my 39th birthday.  One more year in my 30’s!   I’ve got a great family, great friends, and most of all a GREAT God.  I’ve been to Africa this year, and had my world opened up and changed forever!  Life is good!

So what do I want for my birthday?  If I’m honest, it turns out that I really don’t need a thing.  If I could wish for something, I would wish that Ebola and all these other horrible diseases were wiped off the face of the earth, but I can’t.  Here’s one thing that I can do….in fact, we can do together.  I’ve been promoting Compassion’s Bite Back against Malaria campaign this summer.  Many of you have donated and together we have raised $315 toward the prevention of malaria.  To everyone who has given I send you my most sincere thanks.  There’s still more time however, and that’s what I would like for my birthday. 

Ebola is ravaging East Africa and almost 1,000 people have died, but did you know that 1,000 children will die TODAY from the effects of malaria.  It’s 100% preventable!  That may be the real tragedy.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  $10 will provide a treated net to a family living under the threat of malaria.

To donate to Bite Back you can pop over to our Hack Pack Bite Back page by clicking here.

Maybe you don’t like to mess with online donations, credit cards, and the like, but you want to join us.  Find me at church tomorrow.  Got a dollar? Got five? Got a quarter?  I don’t really care about the amount.  I take every little amount and send it to Compassion.  Let’s see what we can do working together.  

So to sum up…….I’m shamelessly asking you to give for my birthday.  Actually I’m just asking you to give.  Not because it’s my birthday….that’s just a fun side note.  Give because God’s given to you.  Give because no mother should have to bury their child because of malaria.  Give because we have all been given way more than we need.  Give.

Bite Back with the Hack Pack!