There are times with something happens in your life and it is impossible to deny God’s fingerprints all over the situation.  Three years ago I had the great joy of spending time in Tanzania with Compassion.  I got to spend an unforgettable day with my sponsored child, Mwajuma.  In addition to that day we also spent time at quite a few Compassion projects.  All of them burned into my memory.  One particularly day that left its mark was spent at a church in Singida.  That day we visited with mothers, babies, and toddlers who were part of the Child Survival program.  We saw how mothers were being empowered to care for their newborns and also gain skills to help provide for their families.  That day I visited the home of  3 year old twins Lightness and Loveness and their mother.  We were warmly welcomed into their home.


I gave the girls a doll that my mother had made.  It had quite an impact on me.  One of the little girls, Lightness, really seemed to latch on to that doll.  You can read the story of that day in more detail here.


 I had the photo of them and their mother framed in my house and in the past 3 years I’ve thought about Lightness and Loveness and hoped that they were growing up healthy and strong.

Last week Jessi, who had also traveled to Tanzania messaged me.  “Didn’t you give a doll to a little girl named Lightness?”  She listed the project number and told me that there was a 6 year old named Lightness on Compassion’s website waiting for a sponsor.  I went to the website and entered in the information.  A photo popped up and my heart jumped.  There was no denying it.  There was my little Lightness!


For the next few days I mulled over what I should do.  I considered the commitment I would be making and if this was  God’s plan for us.  It all kept coming back to this simple fact:  I had held this child, been in her home, and seen her family face to face and been welcomed by them.  How could I NOT act.  I discussed it with my husband and told him that if I didn’t proceed I think I would always regret it.  He reminded me that we had been talking about adding another sponsored child and the pieces obviously had fallen into place.  One of those details that’s just added fun to this beautiful story, Lightness’ 6th birthday was March 19th.  March 19th is the day that I returned home from Tanzania 3 years ago.  So I am happy to say Lightness is no longer waiting for her sponsor.  I also get to say that God allowed me to meet my sponsored child 3 years early!